Fresh Flavors for Visitors in Denali National Park, Aramark, 2016

Denali National Park is an experience enhanced by the seafood that comes from Alaska’s shores. It’s no easy task getting food to the remote mountains of Denali. We took the opprotunity to tell the story behind the fresh caught Salmon that fuels visitors every day in Alaska.  The best part about Denali in the summer: 20+ hours of daylight.


Aramark National Parks Anthem, 2016

In 2016, the National Park Service is celebrating their 100-year anniversary, and as official concessionaire for many National Parks, Aramark wanted to showcase their work within these natural beauties. In late-June and July we spent a week in Yosemite, Denali and Lake Powell National Parks.  

It was a tough but rewarding job planning and capturing the necessary content within these huge parks.  In addition to producing individual park videos, we created this Anthem spot, encompassing footage from all three parks.  We started with the concept of showcasing how broad and vast the parks are then gradually focusing in on the details, both within the park and those facilitated by Aramark.  The result is awe-inspiring and elevated Aramark’s brand to a new level.

The project was awarded Best B2B campaign in 2017.

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Diner’s Club ABR Highlight Reel, Thailand 2016

Diner’s Club, in collaboration with the World’s 50 Best company, sponsored Asia’s Best Restaurant’s event in Bangkok, Thailand.  The client wanted us to capture the event and additional content on a very limited budget.  Luckily the dollar goes pretty far in Thailand. After weighing options, I partnered with a young DP in our internal productions department, and, as a two-man team, took off for Thailand to capture the event and b-roll around Bangkok.  The client requested the highlight reel go live within 48 hours, so we transitioned from a production team to a post-production team in our Bangkok hotel suites post-event.  We delivered this video before we flew back to the states.

The two-man model worked so well, that FCB positioned us as a production option to client projects that require a bare-bone approach.