Hello.  If you’re here, you already know the name, but maybe you’re looking for a little more?  You’ve come to the right place.  In short, I’m a 28 year old senior content producer. In past years I’ve been a director, editor, DP and creative writer. I’m interested in exploring opprotunities through avenues of film, music, design and story-telling.  Don’t let the long hair fool you, there’s a endlessly creative brain under this mop.

My story starts in Chicago. One day picked up my parents handy-cam, a few mini-dv tapes and started pointing the lens at my friends.  I began putting together simple videos and soon started showing my friends and family.  I was hooked on the creative process and it grew from there.  I started piecing together equipment and proclaiming my self-funded production company: Magic Hair Productions.

I was a one-man team.  Filming, editing, producing and more.  I  produced around 80 films of various lengths during this time.  While my films revolved around the subcultures of skateboarding and snowboarding, I began to develop a fascination with film, and found myself studying film at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  At the university, my love was nurtured through use of Super 8mm, 16mm film, digital shorts, experimental films and observing from an analytical perspective.

Outside of film, music has remained the one other constant love in my life.  While in college, I started a music blog as a side project.  My time in school opened me up to many new genres that I fell in love with and wanted to share with anyone that would listen.  The result was a blog called, The Dankles.  What started as a hobby I did in my off-time, became an engrossing project where I managed a team of 10+ writers.  At the height of readership, the website amassed over 200,000 unique views a month.  In addition to creative writing every day for over five years, I became well versed in web-design, social media and managing projects, peers and deadlines.

When school wrapped up I found myself back in Chicago, employed at FCB Chicago. My role as a producer involved producing content ranging from radio spots to online content to broadcast commercials and everything in-between.   I see projects from creative inception through delivery to the client.  My position has allowed me to hone my skills in managing a team, a budget and a timeline in order to deliver the greatest product possible.

From Chicago I made the jump to Portland in 2017 and became a content producer at The Program, a small strategy-led agency.  At The Program I’ve honed my skills as a line producer. Managing jobs from inception to final delivery has been my bread and butter, and I thoroughly enjoyed figuring out every little logistic necessary for a perfect shoot. As of spring 2019, I’m now a senior content producer.

Alright enough of the career stuff. What am I like outside of an office? I’ve been obsessed with watching, analyzing and making films for as long as I can remember. Whether foreign, domestic, old or new; I’m all over great movies. I’m a former hockey player, washed-up skateboarder, fair-weather snowboarder, endurance biker, buzzed swimmer and amateur wave-catcher. I’m a curious explorer and out-of-breath hiker, a crate-digging record collector, solo bedroom guitarist, a paperback peruser, live music connoisseur and ultimately a person who savors learning something new every day.

Want more?  Well, reach out.  I’d be happy to chat.

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